Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shock and Awe

I want to say hello to everyone from the Yahoo news link...

Thank you to Liz over on for posting my story and making it front page news. For those who are still confused over the fight, read the previous blog posts. I am within Arizona Law and HOA guidelines in flying this flag, yet teh HOA doesn't want to recognize the law and their own rules.

 Anyway, my legal counsel sent off a very nice letter to the HOA attorney, I enturn sent it to all my media contacts. This letter picks apart the HOA's claims and points out all the contradictions they have on their own CC&R's, bylaws, and activities.

Thank you all that have supported me..

more to come...


  1. Thank you Liz! Now, Mr. McDonel, please yield. As a Tea Party activist, we have to live by the rules we ask others to live by. Specifically, we can't ask others to live by the rules of the U.S. or go elsewhere while simultaneously protesting the places we live to change their rules, refusing to leave. This argument, if won, will prove to the world that we have no intention of living by the rules we profess to believe in. Conversely, it will prove that we do not live by the code we claim. Take down the flag or move (better yet) and you will have the opportunity to show the world that we practice what we preach. Good Luck, Sir.

  2. And I am asking the HOA to live by State law that allows me to fly this great flag, and their own CC&R's that have NOTHING in it prohibiting me from flying this flag.

  3. I am a firm believer in the principles of Democracy. If you are too then it would likely be a (somewhat) simple matter to circulate a petition among your fellow neighbors in support of your flag. This would prove that a minority homeowner association is attempting to renegotiate your homeowner's agreement despite popular approval. Better yet, a bulk purchase of flags to be flown by your neighbors would provide a "majority response" that would, without question, bring media attention.

  4. Unfortunately, (and I don't know your circumstances) if you are alone in this, then, honorably, you have only the choices presented. Remove the flag, per your neighbors' desires, or move to a location where your flag will be welcomed. Anything less is a hypocrytical response, IMO, I am only one man.

  5. Should you find neighbors willing to stand with you, but without the means to purchase flags, I pledge to purchase five (maybe ten if there is demand) Gadsden flags to be drop shipped to you. I will buy from:

    I will not donate to your lawyers as I feel that lawyers tend to complicate matters which mobs can easily resolve.

    If you'd like the flags, please respond here. I'm not sure how to protect your address but I'm sure or a similar website (I'm not particular) could take your address and my CC number and make it happen.

  6. As interviewed on the various news networks, no one has any issue with the flag flying. There was no complaint by the homeowners to the board, the community manager sought out the "violation" on her own terms (after of ocurse I stepped down from the Board of Directors).Why was the flag ok to fly with no problem while on the BoD, yet once I step down, its debris? My options should not include letting a person dictate how they think state law should be, when in fact I have state law on my side.

    I admire your willingness to purchase the Gadsden for myself and my neighbors.

    How bout we compromise? 5 flags at $20 a pop is $100, plus s&h.

    Contact the ACLU, and pledge $50 to them for my fight. Then, purchase one flag and ship it to my attorneys office. I will properly retire my flag I have flying now at a local VFW or through the Boys Scouts of America.

    Sound fair?

  7. IMO, state law is of no consequence here. This is a civil matter. Also, lack of complaint does not constitute acceptance. Lastly, you don't have to compromise with me. I'll donate to the ACLU (can't pledge for your fight but I can list you as an additional donor) and I'll send five flags to your attorney just in case you find a few neighbors willing to stand with you. Can you post the attorney address or direct me to their URL?

    In this new information age, everyone has a voice. Often that can be a bad thing. Voices, when joined by thousands of voices, become little more than stadium noise, pre-hike. There are left, an endangered few who are willing to carry the ball and attempt to sweat it forward. There are fewer still who are capable of sustaining, grinding to the winning goal. I fully disagree with your position (unless you have neighborhood support) and believe, wholeheartedly that you will be forced to remove your flag at some point in the near future. Still, as Voltaire would, I will defend your right to say what you have to say.

    Good Luck,

  8. Chris, thank you. I am glad there are level headed individuals who, even tho disagree with what I am doing, still can talk about the topic in a very civil manner.

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