Thursday, September 2, 2010

Legal Fund Donations

For those concerned about security issues (i know how some HATE paypal) you can also contact

Dessaules Law Group

and ask how to donate monetary contributions in my name.

 Jonathan Dessaules is a spectacular HOA law attorney in the Phoenix area, and is the man spearheading the legal side of this battle.

 You can also contact Darrell Hill, or anyone over at the Arizona ACLU if you would like to contribute to them for my fund. This great organization helps the people who find themselves in a fight for their God given, civil liberties. These same civil liberties the founding fathers stated we are entitled to.

 All funds will be funneled into one account and used for legal defense. No fines occurred during this process, no assessments, NOTHING will be paid with these donations.

 As I have stated before, ALL funds not used to win this fight will be handed over to the wounded warrior project. This GREAT organization helps our men and women wounded in battle adjust once they are back home.

more to come....


  1. Shalom,

    Just a question if I may. Do you ever see cars in the state of Arizona flying team flags of any kind? Doesn't that also violate the letter of the law and therefore would also be illegal? Why as the homeowners association and the state stopped that?


  2. I don’t get the tea party’s connection to the sons of liberty (boston tea party)? Today any body who did what the son’s of liberty did would be hunted down and disposed of like a rabid dog (the SLA & SDS was destroyed in the 70’s). The sons of liberty were domestic terrorist feared by all lawful citizens of the colonies.. Who were these terrorist the sons of liberty that the tea party joyfully enjoin. Benedict Arnold was a leader of the sons of liberty in Connecticut. Who was Benedict Arnold? He was a smuggler and profiteer as well as a traitor to his county. Is this the ethics of the tea party? Who else claimed association with the sons of liberty….during the civil war a political movement known as copperheads wanted to end the war and allow slavery to prosper. Ever hear of Eugene Debbs the only person to run for president while in federal prison for his un-American activities claimed allegiance to the sons of liberty. Is this the type of individuals you wish to be associated with? By flying the flag of the sons of liberty claiming the heritage of the sons of liberty in the tea party you are supporting a long history of questionable activities. Iam not saying dissent is wrong what I am saying one should be careful when identifying with historical movements. By claiming association with the sons of liberty you are supporting domestic terrorism such as the boston tea party, the SLA, Benedict Arnold, proslavery copperheads and un-American activities of people like Debbs.
    Look to history and the truth will be seen.joe


    Our own government making use of the Gadsden Flag in official publications.

  4. I am not in favor of your tea party views, but completely support you with your fight against a Nazi homeowners association. These HOA's need their wings clipped. You buy a piece of property and they go after petty crap like this. Give me a break. I may not like or agree with that you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it!

  5. You are being ridiculous. You wanted to live in a neighborhood with this home owners association. You deal with their rules. Take the stupid flag down idiot.

  6. Send an e-mail directly to the HOA.

  7. Keep flying the flag, so what they fine you, don't pay the fines. It will take them some time and money to enforce their so called rule. What are they going to do? Come over and take it down themselves? Or put up a road block to your house? I doubt it! Ignore their rules, like they are ignoring your freedom of speech.
    Maybe you should get elected to your HOA board and fix this silly rule! Oh that would really get them good!

  8. People miss the point of this whole conflict. Tea party, Nazi, republican, bubble-gum-chewers, or just an old military message... In the United States of America you have the right to express your views. You also have the right to dislike other peoples' views and ignore them or make yours be known also. We cannot stand idly by and allow any group (HOA, sports team, state legislature) to infringe upon our most fundamental privileges. We will miss them dearly when they are gone. I don't know what Andy C. McDonel's views are; all I know is that he has the absolute right to express them. Do not hamper that right, that privilege, that stark difference of law that separates the citizens of the United States with the less fortunate members of the world community.

  9. Hey people are starving in Africa right now. Tell me 1 good reason why I should give money to you instead of them. This fight isn't worth your time. Your goal in life you be something bigger. Something that actually matters.

  10. I really hate seeing all the hate mail this gentleman is receiving of the Gadsden Flag.
    First, He has the right as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.
    Second, it is a historic flag with ties to the formation of this great republic.
    Third, What is happening when the people of the United States turns on one another practicing his first amendment rights. Whether he flies the Gadsden flag or the Gay rights rainbow flag, it's his own business. This is why our country is falling apart......the people are dividing themselves over BS!!!!Grow up all you haters!! CAN'T WE GET ALONG!!!!! :D

  11. I hate to say it but you gave up a right for a priveledge. Gained was the priveledge of living in the neighborhood. Lost was the right to speak freely with your flag. This isn't Constitutional nor any business of the nation at large. You signed a contract and they are attempting to enforce it.

    Google the girl who went to work at disney and refused to remove her burka due to her religious observance to Ramadan and tell me how this is any different.

    You're both wrong. You both agreed to do something and are now trying to get out of doing it, citing freedom of ...

  12. Funny that people think the HOA is allowed to go against state law. If the Arizona HOA states that a home owner cannot fly a historical American flag they are breaking the law in ARIZONA. So no matter what the HOA CC&R's says, they cannot supersede the state law :) Keep fighting ;)

  13. Thanks @Pawz - finally someone else who gets it. All rights guaranteed by law are still yours regardless of where you live - so long as it's in the United States. No HOA can circumvent those - though they still try. Some people just give up and don't fight - which is why HOA's are often sloppy in the writing of the CC&R's and in the enforcement of those. Most of the people on the Board of Directors are not qualified to run a paper towel dispenser, much less a community.