Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The latest

Nothing new over the labor day weekend. My attorney was contacted by the HOA attorney late last week, and they stated "no action will be taken until after the annual board of directors meeting and election". What this means, I have no clue. Will they not fine me until the new board is in place? Will they re-present the issue to the new board to have them vote on it?  I know the annual meeting to elect board members is later this month.

I did notice on the association website, there was a executive meeting of the board of directors (meeting not open to the general homeowners) on Thursday of last week. That seems to been called out of the blue, because it wasnt on the calendar of events, then all of a sudden it was...Hmmmm??

The one thing I DO know is, according to the association website, I am set to start receiving fines for flying the Gadsden as of 9/5/10. The first seems to be $25.00. Will I actually receive a fine? We shall see

 So I think we are at a stand still. Do not think for a moment I have let up on my side of this fight. Everyday I get another person who says they stand behind me, another small donation to help with my attorney fee's, and great companies like DTOM.com, Phoenix Firearms, and FrontSight who donate time and items for raffles.

 more to come....

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  1. Thanks for the update. Of course they called a special meeting of the board. They needed to discuss the local and national attention their "debris" letter has created. Sounds like they are cowardly trying to push this mess off on the next board. Does that mean new people are running? Or why would they postpone if the ones now in control were also running again?