Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meeting tonight

Well, I showed up to the meeting, and had my legal counsel with me. The heads turned when I walked through the double doors with a guy in a suit carrying a briefcase.

 The look on the board members faces, along with the community manager was PRICELESS.

 There were about 8 other homeowners there, and they all started asking if they thought "the flag guy" would show. That was my cue to introduce myself. We chatted side bar from the yet to start meeting, and every homeowner openly voiced their support for me.

 Meeting was called to order, and quickly ended due to no quorum. We did not meet the 35 homeowners. The board and management company cut out QUICK. A couple homeowners wanted to ask questions, and they were shot down.

 I have a feeling the HOA will have their counsel at the next meeting.

Interesting sidenote, seems they have updated my account on the association website. They have  closed the issue with the flag, and have opened up a architectural design request and stated I must submit a design request for the flag, please do so asap.

 Does THIS mean they have caved?

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