Monday, August 30, 2010


Ok, after a great number of requests, I am going to disclose my paypal account info. is my email associated with my paypal account. If you would like to make a donation in support of my fight please do so there. IF this goes legal, that is where that money will go.

 If this DOESNT go legal, then I am going to do the following -

All funds donated to this account will be handed over to the wounded warrior project..

I hope to hand over a decent size donation to this great group of people.

more to come...


  1. So Andy, do you support the ACLU? I will gladly donate if you answer that question.

  2. How do I donate to the HOA? Rules are rules... not against flying any flag; but if you win then that would associate that military installations have to remove their ban on allowing people to fly certain flags... a lawsuit in Milwakee, I believe, found two gentlemen guilty for swearing under a bridge while they fished. A lady, with a child, was overhead and sued.

    It isn't a freedom of speech loss... move and you can speak else where. They gave you the parameters and you accepted when you signed the live in that HOA. I do hate HOAs... but it's what you agreed to in the beginning.

  3. Actually it is against the law for an HOA to decline the flight of a military flag :) So if they have that it is not allowed in their rules they are breaking the law.

  4. Do I support the ACLU? Yes, I support cause of the group, but like so many other things in life, I never see 100% with them on issues.

  5. No contract can prohibit that which the law specifically allows; furthermore no contract can allow that which the law specifically prohibits. Hence a contract for an illegal act (such as burglary for instance) can not be upheld in court as the service contracted for was itself illegal. If the law, not the contract, specifically allows the display of military or historical flags than no agency or contractual agreement can prohibit such action. The contract would be invalid on its face as it attempts to contract either for an illegal act or against a specifically granted legal right.

    Whether or not a person is for or against the actions of the ACLU seems immaterial. The ACLU is for you. The only charter for that organization is to protect the rights of citizens of the united states of America as are granted in the constitution and bill of rights.

    Lastly, be sure to change your pay pal password to something incredibly secure and then change it often. Your site (and pay pal account) will receive a lot of attention now and you should protect yourself.