Friday, October 29, 2010

Its been a while...

...and Im sorry. Nothing new to report, but there is another HOA meeting Tuesday Nov 2nd (voting day).

 The HOA board and management company has not pursued anything, ie fines, letters, litigation, etc, so i am really stuck until they make the next move.

 The flag is still flying, the laywer is still in my corner, as is the ACLU.

When I have something of substance i will update you all

Thank you for following...



  1. Hello - What happened at the meeting Tuesday?

  2. Keep up the fight for all of us please.
    My HOA is basically forcing us out of our home and I am glad to leave but I will have to walk away from my mortgage. I am now about $130,000 upside down on my mortgage since the developer went bankrupt and this place is collapsing.

    Keep it up and let us know what happens.